The Bolt Card

The world's first DIY self-sovereign debit card.

Bitcoin payments over the Lightning Network with a contactless payment card

Open Source - Worldwide - Permission free

Set up your own bolt cards for free



Outstanding Features

Merchant Payments

The bolt card enables a customer to make payment at a merchant point of sale over the bitcoin lightning network.

Personal Payment Rules

Choose your own payment terms, on a per transaction or per day basis

Android App

Program your own bolt cards with our easy to use Android App!

Fast Self-Soverign Payments

Pay your lightning invoices faster than ever with our unpatented bolt card technology


Set up your open source Bolt Card service

Open Source Service Service Setup Program the Cards Check Balance Payment Notifications
Boltcard Service Advanced (Manual) Bolt Card NFC Programmer Email No
LNBits & LNBits Boltcard Extension Easy (SaaS, Umbrel, or Manual) Bolt Card NFC Programmer LNBits No
Bolt Card Hub &
Bolt Card wallet App
Intermediate (Docker) Bolt Card Wallet Bolt Card Wallet Yes


The Bitcoin Lightning Bolt Card, the in-person contactless payment card.

Welcome to the Bitcoin Lightning Bolt Card, the world's first Bitcoin debit card. This revolutionary card allows you to easily and securely spend your Bitcoin at lightning compatible merchants around the world.

With the Bitcoin Lightning Bolt Card, you can enjoy all the benefits of Bitcoin without the hassles of dealing with exchanges or complicated wallets. Simply load your card with Bitcoin, and you can use it just like any other debit card to make purchases online or in person.

This card is backed by the Lightning Network, the fastest and most secure way to transact with Bitcoin. This means that you can enjoy near-instant transactions and low fees, making it the perfect way to use your Bitcoin for everyday purchases.

In addition, our card is also designed to be easy to use and manage. You can easily check your balance and transaction history, as well as manage your card settings, all from your mobile device.

So why wait? Get your Bitcoin Lightning Bolt Card today and start enjoying the convenience and security of Bitcoin for your everyday spending needs.

bolt card flow chart

Watch how easy it is to use the bolt card right now!

Watch the insane speed of this bolt card lightning payment


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Merchants accepting the bolt card


Frequently Asked Questions

What you need are blank NXP NTAG424DNA cards, you can buy them from many different vendors.

Choose from the setup options here

Order some Bolt Cards, or blank NFC cards online

Each NFC card is programmed with your bolt card service's lnurlw:// address and some secure keys that generate a new unique hash each time the card is scanned. This means that the card outputs this LNURL and unique numbers to the merchant.

The merchant can then use these values to make a one time call to your bolt card service, after that the card must be tapped again to get fresh values.

The bolt card service then checks the payment value against your payment rules (currently a per tx and per day limits), but in the future this could be whitelisted merchants or any other kind of rules

The merchant just needs to use an android device that supports one of the merchant apps or systems mentioned in the about section above.

There are many barriers to entry for merchants and users to start accepting bitcoin. Scanning QR codes while pretty quick and compatible gives a bit of a clunky user experience for small payments.

Tapping your bolt card provides a user experience that matches the big payment providers

Not least to mention that the fees for using the Bitcoin Lightning network are now at least a magnitude smaller than the legacy payment providers

TLDR: Cost of business savings for the merchant and the customer!



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